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Mohammed Nisham's Hummer

Indian Millionaire Detained for 6 Months for Ramming Guard With Hummer

Indian tobacco tycoon Mohammed Nisham has been booked under the Kerala Antisocial Activities (Prevention) Act (KAAPA) by an advisory board constituted by the government. Nisham...
Gulf Lotus X12

Overkill: Gulf Lotus X12 in Dubai

What do you get when you mix a Hummer, BMW X6 and a Lincoln? The result is a Gulf Lotus X12 as spotted by...

Video: Hummer Set on Fire in Russia

This next video shows a man somewhere in Russia walking up to a parked Hummer. Close to the SUV he throws a flammable liquid...

Hummer H1 Ruined by Wrapping Company

Clearly Exotic posted a picture of a distressed Hummer H1 today. The colouring of the paintwork, matte black and yellow may look like the...
Hummer H2 Falls Through Moses Lake In Washington

Car Crash: Another Hummer H2 Falls Through Ice in Washington

After the double Hummer H2 accident we saw at the start of the month, we thought we'd never see the same scenario again. We...
Two Hummer H2's Fall Through Ice in Hungary

Two Hummer H2’s Fall Through Ice in Hungary

A v-bulgaria reader sent in these pictures of two Hummer H2's that fell through the ice at Lake Balaton, Hungary over the weekend. Temperatures...

Call Of Duty Hummer H1 IRL by Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping

The owner of this pickup version of the Hummer H1 has turned to the Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping team in Steinbach with the suggestion...

Car Crash: Drunken Driver Crashes Hummer H2 in Lithuania

This weekend, in the Lithuanian village Kishkenay, a drunk 28-year-old woman crashed her Hummer H2. The pictures do show a rather heavy crash, if...

SEMA 2010: Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer H1

The SEMA Motor Show is known for its extreme creations which must have caught the attention of tuning company Zero South that popped up...

Overkill: 213 Motoring Hummer H2

Just when you thought the Hummer H2 couldn't get any uglier, along somes a Japanese company to slap on an extra axel and six...