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Caparo’s Parent Company Enters Administration

The parent company of Caparo, a small British automaker responsible for the batshit crazy T1, has entered administration. The Caparo Group consists of a selection...

Caparo Announces 700hp T1 Evolution

With incredible styling and even more tremendous speed capabilities, the Caparo T1 is the epitome of what British engineers can do. Unfortunately, the track-day...

Video: Caparo T1 Passenger Ride with Mika Hakkinen

One of the journalists from the British magazine EVO got the chance to experience a passenger ride in a Caparo T1 sports car. He...

Video: Caparo T1 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife

Phil Bennett from Evo Magazine has taken the ultra lightweight and powerful Caparo T1 to the Nurbugring during a trackday and created a wonderful...

Climax to Rival Ariel Atom V8 & Caparo T1

A new British manufacturer called Climax Cars has unveiled their production plans for a rear-drive street-regel racer. The vehicle will be limited to only...

Goodwood Festival Of Speed: Sunday Times Supercar Run

Having given you a general view of the festival, today we move on to one of the most popular displays at the festival, the...

Caparo T1 Race Extreme Version

Caparo have been tweaking their T1 road legal race car and have finally announced details of the Race Extreme Version. The car is designed...

Caparo T1 by Tata Nano

The name Caparo T1 makes us all think of the stripped out, F1 based, barely legal road car. Now Tata the new stakeholders from...





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