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Car Crash: Porsche 996 GT3 Kills Toyota Yaris Driver on German A95 Autobahn

Last Saturday a Porsche 996 GT3 driver killed a Toyota Yaris driver in a high speed accident on the German A95 Autobahn near Munich....
Fatal Pagani Zonda Roadster Accident in Watford

Car Crash: Fatal Pagani Zonda Roadster Accident in Watford

Sadly, we have a Pagani Zonda Roadster crash to report on today. It's a bad one too, the 50-year-old driver died in the collision...
Porsche 911 Accident Cement San Francisco

Video: Porsche 911 Rescued from Cement in San Francisco

Last week, in California, a Porsche 911 driver ended up stuck in fresh cement after he attempted to get around static traffic. If you...

Car Crash: Drunk Driver Wrecks Three Corvette Grand Sports in Miami

At around 3:00 on Wednesday 14th December, a drunk man lost control of his vehicle wrecking a number of new Chevrolet Corvettes on display...

Car Crash: Ferrari F40 in Southern Germany

We've just received information on a crash that involved a Ferrari F40 in Southern Germany last week. The crash happened near the border with...

Car Crash: Second Lamborghini Aventador Accident

This picture may not be the best in the world but it shows a damaged Lamborghini Aventador on a low-loader after crashing at Daytona...

Crashed McLaren F1 Fixed

Pistonheads forum member Flemke had a little accident in his McLaren F1 a while back. We reported on it August 2010, since then the...

Goodwood 2010: Moving Motor Show Accident

It seems that the Moving Motor Show at Goodwood yesterday did not go entirely smoothly. These pictures show the aftermath of an accident involving...

Car Crash: Ferrari F430 Spider On Fire (Video)

We're not sure how this F430 managed to make it into this field or how it caught fire, but it happened somehow! This video...