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Leaked 2019 BMW 7 Series Facelift

BMW 7 Series Facelift Fully Leaked (Front and Rear)

More leaks have plagued the BMW 7 Series facelift this week. Late on Tuesday a new photo leaked showing the rear end of the...
BMW i8 Coupe

Hybrid BMW M Supercar Coming in 2023 with 700hp+

BMW are apparently working on a supercar. Plans are afoot in Munich for a hybrid powered supercar, based upon the structure of the current...
G-Power BMW M760Li

G-Power Reveals 700hp BMW M760Li

It’s not often that we see a tuning project based upon the BMW 7 Series. Despite this fact, German tuning house G Power have...

Manhart MH8 600: BMW M850i Gets 621hp Package

We have yet to see the BMW M8 and tuning companies have already playing with the current range topping M850i. Manhart Performance have today...

2019 BMW M340i xDrive Review

The BMW 3-Series is arguably one of the most significant cars of all time. It is like a VW Golf in the sense that...
2019 BMW M8 Coupe

2019 BMW M8 Coupe Images Leaked

German Car Forum has uncovered pictures of what looks to be a completed BMW M8 Coupe sitting in a warehouse. It is not clear...
G-Power BMW F90 M5 800hp

G-Power Unleashes 800hp BMW F90 M5

BMW's latest M5 is a serious weapon. It comes equipped from the factory with a 600 hp, 4.4 litre V8 engine, enough to allow...
BMW M340i xDrive

2020 BMW M340i xDrive Revealed

BMW have released official details for the BMW M340i xDrive ahead of its release at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2018 which starts in...

2019 BMW Z4 M40i Review

Z is an extremely significant letter for BMW. The latest iteration of the Z4 has caused something of a stir, not for its 340hp...
2019 BMW 8 Series Convertible

2019 BMW 8 Series Convertible Officially Revealed

BMW have officially released that 8 Series Convertible. The second model in the new 8 Series line-up, it is the first time that BMW...