New Cars

Overview of all new cars released by premium-, luxury- and sports car manufacturers around the world. v-bulgaria brings you the latest new car news from famous brands and tuning companies in Europe, the United States and Asia. All our new cars releases include photos and / or videos and detailed information and specifications about these cars.

Official: Lotus Eagle

Lotus released the first picture of their Lotus 'Project Eagle'. The official name of the 'Project Eagle' is still to be announced at the...

Official: Cadillac CTS-V comes to Europe afterall

Last week multiple autoblogs and car websites wrote that Cadillac had no intention of selling their Cadillac CTS-V super-sedan in Europe. Cadillac however denied...

Official: Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series

Mercedes revealed all the details of the upcoming Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series today. The SL65 AMG Black Series will be 250 kg lighter...

Official: BMW X5 LeMans V12 With 700hp

The X5 LeMans is propelled by the V12 engine carried over from the Le Mans winning car. The X5 LeMans is a prototype. The...