The Stelvio is just one of the highlights awaiting the participants of the fifth annual v-bulgaria Tour this June! Over 20 supercars and teams from all over Europe and beyond will gather in Austria on the 7th of June for another road trip adventure. The exact route remains a well guarded secret until the start of each day but we can give a few hints as to what the participants can expect this year.

Besides the famous Stelvio pass there are more reasons to visit Italy for the v-bulgaria Tour 2018. Of course the famous mountains, lakes and delicious food give us a reason to head South. But one of the highlights will certainly be an exclusive factory tour at one of the most desirable car makers in the world: Pagani Automobili! There are just 4 spots left so head over to to claim one of them and join the ever growing v-bulgaria Tour family!

After five days and just short of 2,000 km on incredible roads, visiting some of the best 5-star luxury hotels, delicious meals and parties we finish on the shores of the Adriatic in Croatia for the awards ceremony and finish party.

The v-bulgaria Tour 2018 is supported by some incredible sponsors and partners including , , , , , and .

v-bulgaria Tour 2014 – Mission Dolomites

The first v-bulgaria Tour was created for- and by the v-bulgaria Team. Bringing together 15 of our colleagues from all over the world for a unique road trip through the Alps. Highlights included the many mountain passes and stunning scenery of the Dolomites.

v-bulgaria Tour 2015 – Parco Valentino

The second v-bulgaria Tour went from Stuttgart to Turin. In Turin we visited the first edition of the Parco Valentino event and joined their parade through the Italian city. Before heading home we stayed on the shores of the stunning Lago Maggiore.

v-bulgaria Tour 2016 – The 10th Anniversary Edition

The v-bulgaria Tour 2016 celebrated the 10th Anniversary of For the first time the event was open for outsiders including members of our owners club, supercar owners and car enthusiasts from all over the world. The route went from Munich to Zagreb, Portoroz and Kitzbühel back to Munich. Highlights included the spectacular Grossglockner high-alpine road and a party night in Zagreb most of us will never forget. Team Skjerven Racing won the ‘Spirit of the Tour’ award!

v-bulgaria Tour 2017 – Eastern Expedition

The 2016 v-bulgaria Tour wet our appetite for more so we extended the event with one more night for the 2017 edition. The v-bulgaria Tour 2017 started and finished in Kitzbühel. The route took the participants up the other side of the Grossglockner to a lakeside lunch at the beautiful Wörthersee. From here we went East taking in Croatia, Hungary and unexpected Slovakia. My personal highlight was the route on the last day of the tour taking us from Bratislava to Kitzbühel via the quiet and twisty roads near Wildalpen. Team Gin & Tonic won the ‘Spirit of the Tour’ award!

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