The owners of supercars, hypercars and rare exotics are usually respected individuals, whom the car community appreciates for their taste and willingness to share their cars. This owner of a pristine Lamborghini Aventador SV came across one of those few individuals who resents the fortune of others.

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From videos surging across the internet a young man is seen running across the length of the Italian exotic, causing quite the uproar. In a second video the man is seen trying his luck once more, but the owner didn’t let that happen. Doing what we would all love to do to the troublemaker, the owner tackled him, and kept him down when he tried to get up. When the owner returned to his car, the instigator appears to lay down cold on the pavement – presumably in an attempt to frame himself as the victim.

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We applaud the owner for his restraint (and his beautiful spec!), and are happy to see no apparent damage was done to the car. What do you think? Was the owner within his right to tackle the instigator and take matter into his own hands?


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